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Sonya May

Meet the Founders |

Sonya MaySonya May, author, motivational speaker and all around happy person, grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana, but from her earliest memories, she wanted to experience the world! So she worked hard in school and was awarded an academic scholarship to the University of Evansville. In 1987, she graduated with honors, achieving a BS in Computer Science from the school of Engineering. From there, she entered the field of avionics engineering, working for General Dynamics and Honeywell.

Along the way, she married Bill and had three BEAUTIFUL children, ultimately settling down in Cary, North Carolina.

In 2007, Sonya, along with Bill and Glenna Sanford, formed Choose Joy, Inc with the goal of inspiring people to THRIVE!

“How,” you ask, “did someone go from avionics engineering to motivational businesswoman?”

Good question! And the answer is… was a need! Sonya’s childhood was less than optimal. Her father was abusive - physically and emotionally. And her mother was emotionally detached. After years and years of feeling like there was something missing in her life, Sonya took action – through months of journaling about her past and lots of self-examination, she began making the conscious choices to live the life she desired. She forgave her parents, began surrounding herself with emotionally supportive friends, focused on all that she had to feel grateful for and began making the choices to create the life she wanted to live. Sonya found what was missing in her life – joy! And she found it one choice at a time!